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Why Aerial Photography?

Commercial and real estate
Aerial photography has a perspective you simply can’t get from the ground. It shows the relationship of your site to other properties, including access roads leading to the site. A series of aerial photographs quickly shows your client what is nearby and how convenient your site is to the surrounding neighborhoods and potential sales markets.

Construction progress
Aerial photography is a perfect tool to document progress of construction at your site. Photos taken a regular intervals help you show progress to your clients; a pricing discount is provided for a commitment to shoot the same site multiple times.

Residential and neighborhood
Aerial photography shows off your home in a special way. For neighborhoods, an aerial photograph is visual proof of why you’ve picked a great place to live!

Aerial photography adds snap to a website, providing the visitors a view from above that immediately draws their attention and invites them to further explore your website.

Vacation homes
You’ve invested a lot in that vacation home; aerial photography lets you enjoy it even when you are back home or in the office!

A unique gift
Aerial photography can solve that dilemma of “What is a gift I can give that I am sure they don’t have?” An aerial photograph of their residence or vacation home will be a conversation piece for years. We have taken photos of our client’s favorite beach spot, mountain property, and even the campus of their beloved alma mater.


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